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“a healthier and more active and playful lifestyle with your pet”

Our passion for pets and personal drive to assist you in pursuing a healthier and more active and playful lifestyle with your pet, is what makes us get up every morning with a smile.

PRINS Petfoods, famous in the Netherlands, now available in Indonesia!

We are humbled and proud at the same time, that our jakartapetfoods.com team enjoys the backing of PRINS Petfoods from the Netherlands. As such, as partner of PRINS Petfoods in Indonesia, we are privileged to make available PRINS all-natural dog and cat food products to Indonesia’s dog and cat owners.

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Our business revolves around you as our respected customer. That is why we will run the extra mile to make sure that we exceed your expectations with care and quality in everything we do.

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If you have any questions about us or our products or services, feel free to give us a call at (021) 55 688 663 or drop us a Whatsapp message at (0813) 1439 5253. Alternatively you may prefer to fill out our contact form so we get back to you soonest.

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It is our mission to improve the well-being of cats and dogs in Indonesia by offering quality pet food and knowledge in collaboration with partners, pet shops  and pet owners.


    100% all natural dog and cat food, produced in the Netherlands under strict quality standards. no artifical colours, flavours and aromas. not tested on animals.


    helping you in selecting the right product for your beloved dog or cat, helping you to get in touch with experts or getting expert advice, helping you with fun together activities with your pet.


    pay us a visit so we can personally assist you, or have your ordered product delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours (depending on your location) through our own fleet or by our logistic partners.


    ‘yes’ means ‘yes’, and ‘no’ means ‘no’. we bend over backwards to offer you appropriate solutions. however, if we cannot provide you with the right solution, product or advice, we will tell you and where desired, refer you to one of our relevant partners.


    our environment is precious; whilst preserving the quality of our products, we seek to (i) promote digital communication, (ii) limit waste and collect and separate for recycling, and (iii) limit the use of plastics whilst promoting the use of responsible materials and consumables.


    we always appreciate you to contact us directly for any feedback, complaints or any questions you may have. we welcome you at our location in BSD and if you have plans of visiting the Netherlands, we can even facilitate a visit to the PRINS production facility in the Netherlands to see for yourself how the food is produced and tested to meet the highest quality standards.


Now is the moment to adopt a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle for you and your pet. Advanced and balanced nutrition, fun and games to relax, and exercise with your beloved pet to build strength and health. Give us a ring to see if we can help.