Prins. More than feed.

Only people with a passion for animals work at Prins. Prins is widely recognised for its all natural dog and cat food. As Dutch family owned business, the company produces its own dog and cat food products in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. Now, with the dedicated care and support from the team, Prins’ carefully selected product range is also available for our dog and cat lovers in Indonesia.

Strong brand

Prins is a family business. For more than 55 years three generations of the family Verkade have given their heart and soul to Petfood. Prins feels like a family to all of its 70 employees and partners. Three buildings situated in the city of Veenendaal, the Netherlands, facilitate production, education and experience and is driven by much fun working towards a strong and widely recognized brand.


For Prins it’s all about quality; to the pet food we produce for our beloved pets, our customers, and the people we work with. We enjoy giving consumers extra personal attention, not only by making available honest natural products, but by providing expert personal advice and support, all for the health and well-being of our pets.


Pets and their owners always come first at Prins. We offer consumers a sympathetic ear and look forward to starting an active dialogue. Not based on the product, but based on pets wellbeing. This was ‘granddad’ Verkade’s vision already back in the seventies during his lectures and we have kept that tradition by implementing the Prins CareTeam, who do as the name explains; provide care and offer advice to pets and their owners. Other important and innovative resources are our education centre: EduPet Education and the unique online platform with incorporated online TV channel: Lifestyle for pets.


At Prins we follow our own path. We were untroubled by the economic crisis as we didn’t let circumstances direct us, but we remained focussed and relied on our strengths. We do of course respond to trends or to ambitious colleagues. But always following our own vision and expertise and never standard, but in our own way. We prefer to keep all of our work close to home, in our own house and kitchen. Keeping the wellbeing for pets and humans in mind at all time.


We at Prins are not afraid of innovation and change. We enjoy looking beyond borders and we can do so because we are flexible and work in small teams. Nutritionists, behavioural therapists and instructors work together in providing information and optimal guidance. Prins is curious. We acquire and share a lot of knowledge and employ the necessary specialists from throughout the whole world.

Together we’re strong

Even in this digital age personal advice is best provided in actual stores. So we need places in which we can stay close to people, where we can get the consumer to know our product, where we can provide information, inspire and offer advice. That is why we like link on- and offline and combine all forms of service. Because together we stand strong!


Consumers are becoming more conscious about what they eat themselves and what they feed their pets. That is why at Prins we stop and think first before we act. Something might sound great from a marketing perspective, but is it truly necessary when considering the pets welfare? We make conscious choices and our goal for the future is to remain focusing on health. We will do so by creating feed which combats obesity, menu’s which are created by using the newest techniques which are optimized for the individual and movement together with your pet. Prins is more than feed. We are a way of life.

Welcome to Prins experience center!

PRINS Petfoods Experience Center - 3D overview

PRINS Petfoods Experience Center main entrance
PRINS Petfoods Experience - a journey inside your dog
PRINS Petfoods Experience Center - senses